Thursday, November 03, 2011

Operation Re-Love

Our friend Caulder works at Re-Store and told me that an entire household of old but solid furniture had just been donated. I found this $15 office table. The leather insert on the top was damaged.

* SOLD *

My girlfriend Nicole was coming down that week to teach me how to re-do 
furniture. The fun began with painting the base.

 Going for more of a French Country look, Nicole led the charge in popping off the table top and replacing it with plain 1'' x 6'' boards. 
I love her brilliance! I adore that girl!

Well the knobs we bought to replace the old handles didn't fit. 
New holes were drilled. - THANKS SAM!

Almost the finished product...more pictures to come!


....and this was the best part 

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Anonymous said...

Well done Emily! Brilliant as always! -Anne J