Friday, September 06, 2013

Making his list and literally checking it twice.

I think we both needed a break from each other - that is Clark and Mommy. 
 Clark was thrilled to spend FOUR days at Grandma B's this week. 
Though when he announced it to whoever would listen to him Clark kept switching between "4 days" "4 minutes" and 4 weeks"

I am incredibly blessed to have parents and in-laws like I do. 
Incredibly blessed 

....My lil bug sleeping on the plane.

Gettysburg with a personal tour guide - incredible! 
We toured Constitutional Hall in Philadelphia
Attended a beautiful wedding - Congrats Emily and Pete! 

 These are the days... 

of giggles that can turn instantly into WAILING! both. wailing.
of little minds developing 
of busy, high energy boys with frog catching skills 
of meetings with police detectives as I work to develop a class on the topic of sexting.
keeping up with laundry, dishes, and meal prep 
Clark learning to say what he feels
going on long bike rides
size 2 diapers
teaching the 'look at that smiling baby' not to screech when frustrated 

We had good days and bad days this week. 
How can the good days be so wonderful 
and the bad days be so bad? wow. 

Least I did get some time in the Word.

Long story...but a couple weeks ago, I reach down to grab my Bible and find the MIA worm Clark desperately wanted to locate the night before.

You think that's gross. Well there was another one. Still MIA.

ya..! Sheesh.

Stains from the worm poop still mark the page where he crawled on my Bible and ...died.

Good Morning, Life!

Ahhh. It's Friday evening. I love weekends more than ever before...
Happy Sept, Folks!

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