Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let the construction begin...

While we feel very blessed by this home, we were ready for more space in the dining area.  

Notice on the tiled bar how the one side was warping?  

Who again thought carpet in the dinning room was a good idea?

Decisions, decisions, decisions....$7.99, $5.99 or $3.99 

Because of my farm background, I love wide planked floors.

I really liked the hand scrapped look and feel.

After bringing quite a few samples home, I debated between these three.

I choose the cheapest. I actually liked it the best.

I am anxious to see how the texture feels, cleans and shows dirt and damage....

We'll find out soon...

Thanks to Chris and Brandon for their help.
Clark's new playpen
LOVE it!


Hollie said...

Stunning! I love the wide planks, too.

I think the people who came up with the carpet in the dining room notion either had no children or never actually used their dining room or both. I have never understood this myself. . .

What did you serve for your first meal in your new dining area?

Becky said...

I have a similar floor but darker in my kitchen and LOVE it. Can't wait to stop in and see all these beautiful updates in person. Nice work!

Denise Flannery said...

Is the floor real wood or laminate? I absolutely love the wide planks.