Monday, April 28, 2014

Signs of Life

We had a refreshing Easter with Allyn's family. My sister-in-law hosted us all in their lovely new home. I love Allyn's family. Wonderful people.

With spring I tend to think of fresh. light. clean. green grass. being a farm girl - the smell of freshly turned dirt is still vivid. On Sunday after we tucked the kids in bed, I walked around the house cleaning. As I walked room to room, it was anything but fresh and clean - but the signs of life were evident.

Signs of young life around me - this was under just the table

popcorn anyone?

new life that I thank God for....


...that includes big sis even though she
pulled EVERYTHING out of the dresser. Sigh. room was exempt

This Easter I am Thankful for ...

Christ and His sacrifice
the hope of Eternal life

my husband 
my family. his family. 

sermons on topics such as shame and fear
hot tea
THM Frappas
      + spontaneous dance parties on sticky floors with my littles

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