Monday, April 28, 2014

Week in Review

This week, I made and stuck to my Trim Healthy Mama Meal plans. 
No sugar and flour = happy mama

no, it's not "easy"
BUT, I don't have time to feel lousy, have a sugar crash at 3 p.m.,
or cravings, foggy thinking

my friend Rebecca S told me about these finds from walmart. 
love them. 
Only one of a gazillion things that 
need sorted (given away) and/or organized in this house

but at least its a step
Busted lip. All boy. 
:: Honey stopped bleeding ::
tough dude.
Chair 1 Clark 0

 'lil sibbling love. 

Selling things on craigslist. 
Viewing my day as a job. 
Being a good mommy for me means not being distracted by every lil request

I don't get a break unless they rest at the same time 
.....And I usually get off work pretty late
My littlest is cute but not been sleeping well. 

Icing on the cake!
Nicholas comes to visit

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