Friday, April 25, 2014

Word of the Week




My sweet mommy friend Amy mentioned a couple weeks back that she was working on having a "rhythm to each day." Her little ones are close to the ages of mine. I sat on the couch repeating the word in my head.


AHHA! That's it! With a 4 yr old, 1 yr old, and a newborn in the house - our attempts at "schedules" were short lived. It doesn't help that Allyn and I BOTH naturally are high in what can be described as Quickstart. Follow thru is not nearly as natural to us as starting something. A project. a new routine (different from yesterday). A trip. A group of people coming for a meal.

But Rhythm. 

It allows me to breathe. To help accept the blows and setbacks that come with daily life alongside little ones. To move through our day, mostly free from watching the clock while still giving my littles enough structure to be happy.

Someday it will feel and look more like a typical schedule. But for now, rhythm makes the sun shine a little brighter even on days when you smell like spit up and crawl into a bed that has cheerio crumbs smashed into the sheets. 


: a regular, repeated pattern of events, changes, activities, etc.

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